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We are the

Triathlon Nations

We are giving every triathlete a safe place to access the knowledge, support and experience of professional and elite triathletes and coaches, with the aim of improving the performance of EVERY athlete who strives to become the best version of himself.

What we do

We are changing triathlon by providing a global community of like minded people that want to learn more about our beautiful sport.


Learn more about swimming.


Learn more about cycling.


Learn more about running.


Learn more about how to train the right way for you.


Learn more about world wide races and which we already raced.


News and how to on the tech stuff off our sport.


Find like minded people all over the world.


Learn more about events we host or events were you can meet us in person.


Our blogs, podcast and videos on things we want to share.

Bringing the world together and learn from each other.

Some believe that coaches have secrets that make athletes successful. We believe that secrets prevent progress and that shared knowledge, curiosity, openness and honest interest in each other create a community that creates greater things for each of us.

And it all started with:





Why we are different

We are triathletes who love the competition. But we are not competing against each other. We are competing with each other and celebrate everyones achievements like our own. We want to see people growing. We want to see athletes rise. We want to see everyone smile. If someone is struggeling, we’ll provide help.

And furthermore: We’ll be at the races. Helping you to master the course and celebrate your race.



Pictures sometimes express more then words. See what fuels our dreams every day.

Our Skills

We bring together expertise from every field, to propell you forward.

We wanted to get better at what we do and love. So we brought together some of the best in every field of our sport. Not like a magazine where you find articels on different topics, but looked on it singulary. We wanted to be a team, that sees the whole picture and that want to create the best knowledge base in the world. 

And this accessible all over the world online and if wanted, in person near your place.


  • Pro & Agegroup Racing experience 100%
  • Sports Science and Medicine 100%
  • Psychological and physiological experts 100%
  • Nutrition and Technical experts 100%

We share our passion

Our latest blogs, podcasts and videos are always related to our beloved sport and written or hosted by profund experts. 

The Initiators

We are the team, that wants to create a community across all borders, fueled by passion for triathlon and lived by you.

“There is nothing better than experiencing how dreams come true at a finish line and emotions explode. I would like to help more people to experience these great moments.”

Chris Decker

“I have a passion about challenges. That why I decided to win the NORSEMAN Triathlon. And I also have a passion for sharing everthing I learned. That’s why I am part of the UTN.”

Mette Pettersen Moe

Sports Scientist, MPM Coaching

Providing athletes with the guidance to see them progress through their journey and to share in the elation as they accomplish long term goals is something I think all coaches live for. The UTN creates the perfect environment for athletes to do this as they feed off shared knowledge and support from around the globe. As a coach, being part of this process is very exciting.

Jared Hauschild


“I love Triathlon and I really want to help creating the best triathlon community worldwide, with the goal of sharing knowledge and getting contacts to likeminded people all over the world.”

Garron Mosley


“My journey was succesful and I learned how to become an athlete myself. I want to help others to make this expierence too.”

Seth Waltmann


“Sharing the passion for my favorite sport is one of the things I like doing most, so I am happy to be part of the UTN.”

Lucie Zelenkova

Sports Scientist, TriFacTri

“There is nothing better then motivate people and help them become real athletes”

Harvey Gayer

Psychologist, TriCoachGeorgia

“I’ll never forget these moments my wildest dreams came true, when I won my first IRONMAN title as professional or the agegroup World Championships. I am sure more athletes can reach this, with the knowledge shared by us.”

Astrid Stienen

Sports physician,

“I know what it means to be a father or mother, an employee and an athlete. I really like to help others to make it work for them too.”

Brian Patterson


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