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The Initiators

Astrid Stienen

Astrid is a 2-time IRONMAN Champion and sports physician.

In addition to her scientific know-how, she also brings her experience as a professional athlete to the table. Astrid is passionately interested in the latest medical and sports science research and whether and, if so, how it can be effectively integrated into the training of each individual athlete. While in the last years very practical topics were the physiological adaptation to climatic race conditions, her medical understanding in the Corona Pandemic is of crucial importance to safely reintegrate athletes into training.

Besides her passion about science, she loves coaching and has coached age group winners in IRONMAN and top 10 rankings in Hawai’i. She is also active as a coach in the women’s national league.

Her own successes include two IRONMAN victories and various podium finishes at IRONMAN 70.3 races as a pro, as well as the Agegroup World and European Championship titles. 

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