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The Initiators

Chris Decker

Chris is the one who had the idea of the United Triathlon Nations. It was all the live changing contacts in our beautiful sport, that brought up the idea of creating a community, so that other can make this experiences too.

He is a coach and has a medical background as paramedic.

He has coached IRONMAN victories with professionals, brought agegroupers into the top 10 on Hawai’i several times, made Bundesliga starters fast and coached athletes to numerous top 10 placements in marathons.

With his many years of coaching experience, he is gladly contacted by athletes who are at a turning point. His empathy combined with his analytical thinking has often unlocked potentials in athletes that were previously unthinkable and made dreams come true that had already been written off. His greatest passion is the bike split. From his point of view not even the world best times on the IRONMAN bike split are his greatest successes, but countless happy faces behind the finishline.

His own achievements in sports include age group podium finishes in IRONMAN races, two finishes in Hawai’i and Bundesliga (German National League) triathlon races. Before he switched to endurance sports, he won the bronze medal twice at the Hapkido World Championships.

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