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The Überbiker Blog – Chapter 1

Triathlon is probably the most beautiful sport in the world, at least for us at the United Triathlon Nations. And for me, the bike split is the most exciting part of a race. Fortunately, there are many opinions about it and many at the UTN certainly find swimming or running more exciting, but my passion is cycling.

The Goal

That’s why I would like to take you with me and regularly look at the bike split from different perspectives with you.
I know that not everyone becomes an Überbiker, but we can all learn from them and each of us can adapt what works for him or herself. It doesn’t matter if the bike split is the part for you where you just have fun, want to catch up after your swim, attack because running is not your greatest strength or just roll along because the run is your weapon in triathlon.
The Überbiker Blog wants to share knowledge in an exciting way, because knowledge makes fast.

“My passion is cycling and I deeply want to share it with you.”

Chris (

What to expect?

Training theory, latest equipment, aerodynamics, biomechanics, performance diagnostics or race tactics are just some of the topics we will explore together, presenting complicated things in a simple and understandable way for everyone.

I am looking forward to many exciting expeditions in the world of the Überbiker…

Yours Chris